Export Children's Shared Expenses Tracked By Co-parents

There may be times when you need to export children's expenses to your local computer for various purposes. Cent simplifies the process of exporting your expense data for free.

export expenses

How to Export Children's Expenses

To export children's expenses with Cent you don't need to download any apps. Cent expense exporting feature works on any device including your Android Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows PC.

From Expense List
1. Click on CSV button.
2. You will be prompted with two options: Download and View.
3. Select on Download.
4. A .csv file will be saved on your local drive.
5. You can view the data with Excel, Google Sheets or MacOS Numbers.
6. Once open, if needed you can save the file as PDF. 7. You can also print all expenses using your device's print capability.